For your convenience Prince George Taxi offers gift certificates, which may be used for all or just a portion of the cab fare. These certificates are pre-printed in $5 denominations and make an excellent gift for seniors, students, or anyone wanting to make sure their loved one gets home safely.


At Prince George Taxi, we take accuracy and reliability very seriously. To that end we have implemented Auto Vouchers, a new spin on the old paper taxi chit. This process leverages image capture technology, character recognition, and bar codes scanning to ensure 100% accuracy when invoicing your monthly taxi trips. Because we now use unique bar codes for all account customers and departments, you will never be billed for a chit you didn't use, or billed twice for the same chit in error.

Once you are set up on email invoicing, our system allows us to provide you with excellent reporting and reconciliation options, including an easy to read and understand invoice, an itemized list of all billed transactions, and the flexibility of a .csv datasheet that will allow your finance department to quickly sort their monthly charges by a number of fields including date, price, chit sequence number or your own internal division ID (client data code).



You can log into your account after clicking the link below. From there you can view all charges, view all chits that have been billed, download invoices, order additional chits, and track taxi chit usage. Please contact our accounts department at (250) 645-1104 or email us to set up your online access. Click the logo to login to your account

Link for account log in:

Booking Account trips online

Contact the manager at or call (250) 645-1105 to have your account setup for web booking and the ability to run reports on all your bookings.


To fully leverage the abilities of our billing system, Prince George Taxi offers simple email billing that will deliver your monthly invoice and .csv file directly to your inbox. Email billing will deliver your invoice faster, and help most companies during month, quarter, and year-end when there is a crunch to know exactly what your actual costs will be.


For all new account inquires, contact our accounts department at: (250)645-1104, or email us