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BC will soon allow ridesharing companies to operateand PG Taxihas applied for a license. A ridesharing license will allow us to:

  • Offer lower rates on trips booked through the app when in-app payment is used. Unfortunately, the Passenger Transportation Board will only allow us to accept in-app payment app trips ounce ridesharing starts. (stupid rule!)

  • Offer up front pricing on point “A” to “B” trips with no stops.

  • Other Companies will increase prices during periods of high demand, but PG Taxi will not “surge” their pricing.

  • Please check our Facebook page at PG Taxi for updates.

About Prince George (PG) Taxi

PG Taxi is the largest and oldest cab company in Prince George with 60 taxis to serve you. Our experienced staff and drivers provide over 400,000 rides annually.

The Prince George Taxi app is the Transportation Booking app for the cityand surrounding area.Use the app and skip the telephone queue, which is nice during peak hours.

  • Type a note for the driver to help them find you.

  • See where your taxi is with live tracking.

  • Get a notification when your cab is near.

  • Set up future rides.

  • Save your common locations for quick access

  • Register a credit card and use in-app payment.

  • Call us straight from the app by tapping "Call Operator". Use this for parties larger than 4, or for special needs or requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does "Searching" mean after I book a taxi? Is the app not working?

The app is still working, it just means that it has not yet found a vehicle. Once it does, it should pop up with the car number

Q. Where do I write driver notes?

A. You write them under "Help Driver" (any information that you think will be helpful for the driver to find you).

Q. Where do I add how I am paying?

A. You will find that under "Payment Type".

Q. Am I able to do in-app payment?

A. Yes, register a credit card and select “Credit Card” under “Payment Type”.

Q.How do I know I will not be charged if someone steals may taxi when I use in-app payment.

A. The app will give you a 4-digit verification code to give to the driver. Only you will know this code and your card cannot be charged without this code.

Q. Can I use in-app payment even when I do not use the app to order a taxi?

A.Yes, press the three lines on the top left corner of the app (menu), then press “Ride Pay”. Enter the taxi number after the meter has been turned on. The app will then provide you with your 4-digit code for the driver.

Q. How do I put in a drop-off location and how do I receive a fare estimation?

A. At the top of the screen there is a bar that says "Destination". Touch it and another drop-down window will appear. Once a destination address is entered, the fare estimation should appear.

Q. Can I contact the operator from my app?

A. Yes. You need to touch the three lines in the top left corner (menu), then select "Call Operator".

Q. How do I order a taxi that can fit 5 or 6 people?

A. Due to limited availability, you will need to phone us.

Q. Can I check my cab history?

A. Yes. You need to touch the three lines in the top left corner (menu), then select "Bookings".

Q. Can I add my favourite places so that I don't have to type it in every time?

A. Yes. You need to touch the three lines in the top left corner (menu), then select "Favourites". This is where you can add as many locations as you would like.

Q. How do I input a building name or correct a street number?

A.Touch the pickup address, then touch "More Info/Edit". Then re-type the number on the right or type the building name on the left and hit "Save". It is also possible to touch “Nearby Places”underneath “More Info/Edit” and select the building name from a list.