We always aim to provide our loyal customers with excellent customer service. To help us help you, we offer these helpful hints that you can follow to help us provide you with excellent customer service.

  • Remember to check your text messages after calling. Our text messaging service can send a text to your cell phone when your trip is created that not only provides you status updates, but also provides a link to watch your taxi as it approaches. You can also rate your driver after the trip through this link.

  • You will receive an automated call when the taxi is near but may not if your number is blocked. Inform our call taker if you do not want this call.

  • Need and emailed receipt? Just provide your email to our call taker when booking your ride.

  • Customers may use our app, the web, or a phone to book a taxi. Phone users may push (1) to use our automated system or (2) to speak to a live agent. After selecting to use our automated system, do not push (1) to confirm the address unless you know for sure it is the correct address. Instead, press (2) to speak the address again or push (3) to speak to a live agent.

  • If you have ordered a taxi and have changed your mind, please give us a call to cancel your arrangements. In most cases, our automated system can cancel your call if you do not wish to speak to an agent.

  • Most of our vehicles are only equipped to carry only 4 passengers. During certain times of the day, we may be able to provide a 6-passenger taxi but the wait may be much longer. Calling two taxis for groups of 5 to 8 will result in faster service.

  • If there are stopping restrictions where you are calling from, please be at curbside. This will ensure you will not miss your taxi.

  • Our computerized dispatch system results in quick, efficient service but requires exact house or building numbers with a proper street name. Please know your address or building name before calling.

  • Please ensure that you only call one company at a time. This assists us by providing other customers with prompt service, as our cabs are not required to go to pick up points where they will not be required.

  • If trying to catch a Prince George taxi, be sure to look for one of our familiar yellow painted cars.